Pop Up Boy is Julia Albert on vocals and Steve McCarthy on all instruments. Steve McCarthy is somewhat of a pop culture icon having written 'It's A Sunshine Day' for The Brady Bunch. The disc includes a very good cover of this song. Julia's voice is as sexy, and fun to listen to as Steve's instrumentation is professional and well layered. If you miss The Go Go's, but want more intelligent songs you will like Pop Up Boy. They blend elements of rock, jazz, punk, pop, and dance in a seamless way. The beautiful acoustic version of 'It's A Sunshine Day' is sure to bring you back to the v=care free times of childhood. The "cover" is done with just voice and guitar and is, alone, worth the price of the disc. 'What It Takes' shows Pop Up Boy's more rock-n-roll edge. The guitar is strong and Julia's voice is up to the task. She is a strong front present and her voice sometimes reminds me of Gwen Stefani from No Doubt. 'You Were Lonely' shows that the band has the ability to slow things down a bit and still keep the listener's interest. The instrumentation is lush and layered. More rock is apparent on the track 'I Don't Get It.' The best thing I can say about this album is that it is a great listen whether alone or throwing a party, and it is not a disc you will soon grow bored with.

- Dennis Halsey, The Best Female Musicians


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