What do you get when you mix infectious Dance, Rock, Punk and Pop with a good NY Style pizza?

PopUp Boy, of course!

While locked in a studio for weeks on end, four musicians joined forces to create not-just-another-cardboard-cutout Pop.
Meet Stevie Luv, Puff Stevie, Weasel Boy and Popup Girl who all have one goal: to create music that rocks, makes you move, gets you sticky and helps you embrace the silliness that is life!

Okay, we don't like to brag, but:
Puff Stevie is really Steve McCarthy, the infamous writer of the Pop Culture classic ,"It's A Sunshine Day" for the Brady Bunch, now popularized by the California Cheese singing cows and most recently Tropicana Orange Juice. Look further into the 'PopUp Boy's past and you'll see national commercials for Butterfinger, Clairol, Van De Kamps, (among many others). And don't forget "The Brady Bunch Movie" and TV shows like "The Flintstones" get the point.

PopUp Girl a.k.a. Julia Albert (formerly of the band, "The Maxfield Rabbit") has been packing 'em in at numerous LA haunts for the last couple of years. Besides her many rock gigs, Julia has sold out on such projects as a Diet Rite Soda commercial, a promo for NBC, the theme song for the WB cartoon, "Detention", blah blah blah. Her voice has been compared to Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, Shirley Manson of Garbage and Pink on the harder side but all at once soft and sweet i.e. Mandy Moore. (Julia has got a much better body, though).

The band as a whole blends retro-60's Beatles grooves with The Go Go's, White Stripes, and even a bit of Burt Bacharach.

Eat pizza and dance.



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